Monday, January 5, 2015


that my love for clipping my hair to the side is becoming normal until my bangs have grown out. (but 

I love them..dont want them..want them..argh) 

Today I surprised Michael with two tickets for us to go to Supercross Jan. 24th (he's really into that 

stuff). Let's just say I won girlfriend of the year :) HE WAS SOOO HAPPY!!! 

Today is my last day of my 2 week long break from work. I am sad yet happy. I think I miss those 


Today the Christmas tree in my house came down and the front room is making me sad it isn't the 

season anymore!!! How the heck is it over?

Today I decided I like Sujus coffee more than Starbucks. I made it official. 

Today I watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother for the third time. Cried like a baby..for the 

third time. Oh how I love you so Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily and Marshall. 

Today I didn't get in the shower until 2:30. 

I liked today. 


  1. What a cute blog you have! And I love this list you shared :)


  2. I was so sad to take my Christmas tree down yesterday too.. my living room looks so empty without it! And I feel you on the bangs issue- sometimes I love mine and sometimes I just want to be over with them!