Monday, November 10, 2014


Today is Monday and I did NOT have to go to work. Yep that's right, it was a great four day weekend. I love holiday weekends. Last night I began to watch The Office, I'm finally hopping on the wagon and let me say I stayed up late watching episode after episode..I see why it's loved by so many now. 

This morning Michael headed to Sacramento for work until Friday..I MISS YOU COME BACK!!! I miss him already..lame? Maybe but oh well :) I actually just got off the phone with him and he sounds just dandy if anyone seemed to care! Hehe. As for me I will be home going to work and doing school and also I need to sign up for next semester classes. A semester almost over already! I'm thinking about adding a yoga class to my list. What do you guys think? I think it sounds awesome and is something I have always wanted to try. 

Today my sister-in-law Kelsey brought over pictures from her ultra sound and it just made me soo much more excited for this little baby nugget to get here!! (to follow along with her life and preggo journey visit and follow her blog here) I cannot wait to be an auntie to TWO kids!! Holy moly!! Also, we picked a date for her baby shower today and if you knew me you would know that I love showers and every day until that shower starting tomorrow I will constantly be planning it in my head :) When my brother proposed to her I think I planned that shower for 2 years and I didn't care. I got really professional and serious with a whole notebook too ;) 

I have decided that this week I have decided I am going to be cooking and baking something new and yummy (..I hope). This is because Michael told me he hasn't really tried my cooking besides an occasional grilled cheese and that one time frozen orange chicken from Trader Joes (which is really yummy though) ! I guess I need to starting cooking for him to prove I am worth being with ;) Anything good seen on pinterest I should try?? 

Right now I am going to go cozy up and watch Away We Go. I have never seen it and know a lot of people love it so here goes nothing! Talk to you all (whoever is "all" out there reading) soon! 



  1. Aw I think it's so adorable that you are so invested in planning a baby shower for your sister-in-law. Not many people feel that close to their in-laws.
    Three years ago when I met my man, I could barely make blue box mac and cheese. Pinterest is a powerful thing. Not only did it teach me how to cook, by starting small and working my way up, it gave me so many great ideas. Now I'm a bomb cook and can make anything. Sort of sounds like a self promotion thing, but if you are interested, I have a lot of super easy dinner ideas in my Tasty Tuesday tab at the top of my page. (:

  2. Lovely, I am planing my own baby shower! :)