Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Perks of Being an Auntie

I love being an auntie to my little smiley Riley and can't for the next one coming in March! :) Being an aunt is pretty much the best thing ever so far in my life. It definitely has some of the best perks, and I've chosen 6 of my favorite ones to share.

1.You get to spoil them. Because you just can. You can buy them cute clothes and toys and let the parents worry about the clutter hehe

2.You never have to really be the bad guy. ok yes sometimes if needed, but not as much as the momma and daddy ;)  

3. You get to play with them nonstop and give her hugs and kisses and loves, but then you get to hand her back when you're tired and DON'T wanna change the diaper ;)

4. It gets me even more excited to be a mom one day but get to play with her for the mean time :)

5. All love without stressing if I'm parenting her right or wrong, that isn't an aunts job ;)

6. One day you get to be cool to them *yesss* I can't wait to take her on little dates when she's older for girl days and share auntie-neice secrets and memories together. I think that will be too fun.

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