Monday, October 6, 2014

Some Thoughts Lately..

   So girls are always envying other girls' long hair, I did too. So I did what any other girl did and grew it out, but hmm it's not so fun once it gets long. I've been really thinking about cutting it lately, but I can't bring myself to actually doing it. I picture myself sitting in the hair parlor chair Hmmm you never know ;)

    I really miss ballet. Like really, really miss it. I danced about 7 years and it was certainly the best you guys. Ballet is awesome, and I miss going to my class every day and feeling amazing in pointe shoes and mostly, I miss performing on stage.. I have decide that soon I would really love to sign up for a class to take. I think I will really love myself for this. It's gonna happen and I CAN'T WAIT!!

    Three words: American Horror Story. YES! I know I'm a little late but..better late than never ;) Yep it is true guys, I gave in and finally glued myself to Netflix for this show. And let me is seriously the best thing my eyes have watched since Father of the Bride. I totally am in to spooky scary movies and its a show?! It is sooo cool, and if you get scared easily, watch in the morning. It's worth it. soo worth it. And a plus? The acting doesn't suck!! I love it guys. please watch it. (without kids) It is safe to say I am addicted.  And in perfect time for Halloween time! Does anyone else watch this???

    I WANT COLD WEATHER!! Come on California, it is supposed to be Autumn and it was in the 90s all week?! Ugh. I wanna wear dresses with leggings, and i mainly just really wanna wear cute jackets!! Please God!! :(


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