Monday, October 27, 2014

It's A Wonderful Weekend (a simple weekend)

What made this weekend so wonderful

 ^^ Pumpkin patch time!!! Riley was sooo cute there. She was in HEAVEN! 

^^Clearly as you can see here, the only time there was a smile on her face was when she was free running around exploring all the pumpkins!

^^trips to ultra for new makeup ALWAYS makes my day 100000xs better ;) 

Not documented: Saturday evening, Michael and his friend went golfing and I went as a spectator(I like to go to just ride around in the carts ;) ) and we got rained on!!! It was a good laugh and memory. Afterwards we just went back to Michael's to relax for the night. And Sunday he went dirt bike riding while I was home with my family :) 

*NEWS*:As you can see, my blog is all redone!!! I love it *hope you do too* and it is all thanks to Michael!! I love you honey, you're the best! p.s. : there is still a bit more to be done, bear with me, it's Monday. 


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