Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Double Date

After  a week  that felt like a million years in my case, Friday finally came about! And Michael treated me to a little date night with our friends, so a double date at that! I love double dates because it's like getting your girl time and relationship time all in one! The absolute best if you ask me :) 

We went to Pizza Italia for dinner, my first time and it was sooo yummy! I love me some good pizza! And props for Michael knowing the owner and getting a good discount ;) I knew I was keeping him around for a good reason! 

 After we were done eating, none of us wanted the night to end just quite yet so we made our way to...Yogurtland!!! My gosh I freaking love frozen yogurt lemme tell ya. Mine is the pretty one on the right ;) While of course Michael's is that blob on the 

To me, this is our relationship in a nutshell, but Michael.......

..says this is our relationship in a nutshell. Do I really always try taking the spotlight? ;) Gosh I love candids. 

Everyone this night also established to me that I look like a 15 year old girl (WHICH I DO NOT AGREE WITH) and I said good I can still trick or treat on Friday then ;) It was just one of those good nights that you don't want to end!! But of course it had to end..and now it's time to relax and enjoy the weekend. Happy Saturday to whoever is out there reading! 


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