Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kids Say the Darnest Things

   So today at work, one of my kids came up to me crying (little boy in 4th grade) because he needed help with his homework. I say okay this looks easy and you seem to have gotten it what is it you need help with why are you crying? He says "I can't pen is out of ink" I chuckle because he came up to me sitting next to our cup of pens  (tons of pens). He says no it has to be this pen, it's erasable. So I say don't worry I'll walk you through the questions so you make no mistakes and I passed him the pen and he just looked at it for a good minute like it was ancient!! Lol I couldn't help but laugh! Why did I even make this post? My days are quite boring during the week, but this made me chuckle and I wanted to share.. :)


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