Monday, September 22, 2014

It's A Wonderful Weekend

    What made this past weekend a wonderful weekend?

                      ^^ Bronco Billy's Pizza (if you live in the Bay Area you must try) 

                      ^^ I started knitting a scarf

^^ An amazing thrifting trip!!! I CAN NOT wait for the weather to get a little cold so I can start wearing that adorable coat ;) 

    ^^  My niece eating an apple is just flipping cute guys. Had to include it. 

^^yummy food. I helped make a yummy pesto pasta 

^^ My preggo SIL(sister in law) eating pickles ;) I get more and more excited for my niece or nephew every day!!!

^^ Some hilarious Vine sharing ;)

             ^^ My niece's wacky hair

^^ Good ole movie night! We watched Little Nicky. Adam Sandler seriously masters the role and is hilarious!!


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