Tuesday, September 9, 2014

About Me/ Introduction?

 I mean I guess I should do a whole post introducing myself before I really begin this blog. Of course only for those who don't know me (which I highly doubt there are people who DON'T know me reading this blog) but just in goes nothing! 

    My name as you all know, Jackie, full name Jacqueline, but a lot of people call me Jackie for short. I really don't mind being called either ones. (And Jack for my close friends.. ;) )

   I have a wonderful boyfriend Michael, we've been dating for a little over a year and he is just quite awesome, if I do say so myself. He's a goof and hates pictures but I capture them anyway, so you'll see plenty of him!! 

   As of this Friday I will be nineteen years of age.  I graduated high school this past June and am now a student in college. Studying child development. (dream/ goal job: kindergarten teacher!!) I sometimes see myself mature for my age but that's ok :)

  I LOVE CLOTHES!! Love love love them. I dress up a lot because I can and it makes me happy..who ever said you can't wear a dress everyday?! ;) 

  Work and school and having fun is what I do. For work, I work at an after school extended child care program. I love my job. For so many reasons..even though it may be stressful on days with eighty something kids.. I love them all to death!! 

  My religion background? Hm don't really know if this really needed to be included in the post but hey why not? I am a Christian Catholic and though I don't currently attend church as much as I would like to.. I would really love to start doing so. Lately I have been really enjoying reading about and embracing it all. 

 Okay I know this post was totally random but I really wanted to do it. I found myself rambling on..sorry. And I know I don't have A+ writing (sorry).. But I hope people follow along with this blog. I'm not too sure what exactly I'll be posting on this little blog of mine. But for now, a journal of my life? :) Well I think this closes up this's 11:00 at night here in California and I'm eating some late night snacks..(pretzels and nutella *bomb*). Hope this was some what of an enjoyable read.


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