Thursday, May 7, 2015


Last weekend my brother competed in a skateboard competition in Lake Tahoe. So 

Michael and I joined for a couple fun days in the beautiful mountains! 

Michael had never been before when it wasn't snowy all over so it was extra exciting to 

show him around the lake! Though because of this California drought..the water is 

currently extremely low. :(

We rented the cutest cabin that was perfect size for five of us adults and two kiddos! 

We watched my brother compete on Saturday and Sunday we did a mini hike that had the 

most beautiful view! It was a perfect little vacation for us all. 

A few photos from the great weekend below!!

^^I love my Leeland!! He was such a good baby the whole trip!! 

  ^^Again with the low water..look how far they walked out!! ^^

^^Uncle Michael= BABY HOG! But it's almost the cutest thing my eyes have ever seen.^

^^Three of us ordered this for breakfast on Saturday. Basically they are the BEST hash browns ever for $5!!^^ 

^^ Ti Ti and niece cuddle time!! ^^

  ^^ Breakfast day two (some of the group). We ate super yummy bagel sandwiches and drank yummy coffee! ^^

^^the cinnamon roll that was bigger than Ry's head!^^ 

  ^^ such a pretty view right?! And of course Michael has to climb off trail as far as he can! hehe

^^The cabin we stayed in! It was such a great weekend and cannot wait to head out to Yosemite for this weekend. Yay for family time//snacking//talkinggggg!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's been too long..officially! Last time I've been on here was too long ago, so I'll fill you all in!

My nephew Leeland Anthony was born a couple weeks ago and he is just the tiniest peanut I have 

ever had the honor of holding!! Another honor I will add is that he is MY GODSON!! Woop woop! I 

love him and his preciousness. And I love that he only lives 2 minutes away from me ;)

Other than that, life has been pretty darn dandy for both Michael and I.

I promise to myself I will be on here more often. Pinky promise myself.

Monday, February 9, 2015


I know I have gone missing for a couple weeks (maybe more?) But I just haven't found the 

right time with school starting up and work every day. A couple weekends ago (Superbowl 

Sunday to be exact) we made our way to the lovely Muir Woods national park in San 

Francisco. It is beautiful there and the weather that day made it hard to believe it was 

winter here in California!! We didn't really care about missing the big game either. We 

aren't big football peeps over here ;)

Is that not beautiful?

Monday, January 12, 2015


My sister Mary and I broke out the old Old Maid game from our childhood and I think we got a little too excited than expected. Who doesn't love reliving things from their childhood?

My little sister turned THIRTEEN!!!! I don't know how or when she got old

So I made her Fault In Our Stars cupcakes :) Have I mentioned on this blog yet how much I love making cupcakes?

Me and Riley enjoyed some nice one-on-one Auntie/niece time. 

Also yesterday Michael and I took a little ride on his dirt bike. I've become addicted to the thrill ;) 

 The weather was beautiful in California this weekend!!! What's the weather like for everyone? Any snow? I want to make a visit to the snow so badly! (hint hint Mikey) 

Happy Monday!